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Hi! I am Jordan Pitzen—nice to meet you.

Some people know me as the blogger behind Athomewithjordan. I believe the inside of your home is a blank canvas. Regardless of the size of the space, there are endless possibilities in taking it from a house into a home. My goal is for the design to share your story throughout. To me, designing your story isn’t just about beautiful furnishings; it is about helping you create a home that works best for your lifestyle. I want each home that I touch to create a feeling of excitement for you when you walk through the door. It is my passion to having the opportunity to help create a lifetime of memories in a home that you love.

My style when designing a home is a combination of traditional, timeless, comfortable, modern, and above all: practical. The goal I have is for your home to not only be one that looks pretty in photos, but one that it is life-proof as well.

How this all began: 

When I was in high school and I would have my friends come over. Before they would even arrive, I would rearrange my bedroom furniture, fluff up my pillows and instantly create a comfortable space for them to be in. As soon as my husband and I purchased our first home together in Boston, my passion for interior spaces grew. I found joy in the process of finding different pieces of furniture, figuring out what paint colors to choose, and coming up with creative ways to maximize our 1200 sq. ft home on a budget. Friends and family would comment on the transformation we had made to our home; many were surprised at how well we were able to maximize our 1950’s home! Flash forward to today, where in 2019 we were able to build a home in the suburbs of Massachusetts. I was lucky enough to be able to design each room in our home with our family’s story in mind. When we got the keys to our new home, it was then I decided to found Athomewithjordan, a platform created to share my passion, love for interior spaces, advice on design, and DIY projects with all who tune in. I pride myself on being able to find beautiful pieces for your home on a budget.

Your Reality:

How many times have you watched a home reveal on TV and thought to yourself: How do I do that in my space? You are left feeling overwhelmed, have no idea where to begin, where to look, and are then left throwing in the towel–or extremely defeated. This is where I come in! I am here to alleviate that feeling and assist you in creating a space that you can love, enjoy, and above all, are proud to show family and friends. 

In-home design consult:

I would love to work with you on creating a space you and your family will love for years to come. For an initial in-home consultation, I will come to your home and spend 90 minutes with you. During this time, I will happily tackle the space within your home that you’d like assistance with designing. Here’s all this will entail:

  1. First: an initial phone call with YOU to discuss your needs (photos of space preferred ahead of time). We will chat about your needs, decor style, and any dilemmas you may be facing
  2. Next: a meet & greet! I will come to your home to provide feedback and input as well as measure out the space 
  3. Then: I put together a design board for you that depicts your style and we review the solutions I have come up with for you

The timeline for this service from start to finish will be two months. Keep in mind that the two hold ups when designing your space will be (1) decision making and (2) furniture delivery.

$200/90 mins (If you are interested in more than one room I will provide you with a pricing breakdown per room)


Let me to virtually design your space! I know many of you are not local to the Boston area, but that is why I have designed this affordable package. I am available to offer my services electronically and would love to assist in transforming any space you are stuck on. How this works:

  1. First: I send you a design questionnaire which will allow me to have a better understanding of your style 
  2. Next: You send me measurements–as well as lots of photos–of the space you would like my assistance 
  3. Then: we chat about your style and the budget!
  4. After: I send you a digital design (like the one below) along with a source list of all the items I have selected for your space
  5. At the end, you have everything you need to be on your way to a happier space! 

It is up to you how quickly you would like to transform that space. Some people would prefer to wait for sales and others are ready to make the changes instantly. With my help, you will feel empowered to make those decisions that are best to make the space magazine-ready in no time!

Flat-fee pricing is based upon your space needs (E-design examples below)

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