How I turned into a Greenthumb

Hi:) I hope everyone is having a great summer so far. The weather in New England has been just gorgeous! I wanted to chat today about my love for plants, and the green thumb I recently discovered within myself this year. Let me begin by saying I have killed my share of plants by accident,Continue reading “How I turned into a Greenthumb”

Warm weather is here in New England! Outfit selections to wear for each occasion:)

Hi!!! I am so excited that we have this amazing warm weather here in New England! It’s about time! I wanted to compile a list of different outfit ideas to wear depending on what type of event you are going to this spring and summer especially because bridal showers and wedding season is here! ThisContinue reading “Warm weather is here in New England! Outfit selections to wear for each occasion:)”

Spring Cleaning!

Happy Monday my people! This weekend at my house we did a TON of cleaning. From weeding out dandelions growing in the front yard, posting a ton of my clothing items on Poshmark to be sold, cleaning out my medicine cabinet (lots of expired items in their my friends) and getting rid of other variousContinue reading “Spring Cleaning!”

Bringing together an outdoor retreat for the warmer months:)

Hi Friends:) I wanted to dedicate this post to all the pretty patio things you can choose from this season. Below I show you how I decorated our patio, and what I used to do so. The best time of year is when you can sit outside with friends and family and drink a cocktailContinue reading “Bringing together an outdoor retreat for the warmer months:)”

Warm weather must haves!

Hi! I don’t know about you but have been dyinggg for warmer weather! I just want to open all of the windows in our house and smell the fresh air. I know I should be used to New England weather as I have lived here all my life, but as soon as Spring hits IContinue reading “Warm weather must haves!”