How the heck can I still have a nice living room when my kids toys are everywhere?

THIS question is one of my favorites. I am so happy that I get to unload all of my thoughts and opinions on this topic today. I receive so many burning questions on this often. A lot of times I get asked this question and I thought it would be so helpful for you toContinue reading “How the heck can I still have a nice living room when my kids toys are everywhere?”

Our Updated Entryway!

Hi!!!!!!! It feels so good to be typing on my blog again I took quite the hiatus but between moving this past summer and life I am finally back into the swing of things and it’s time to get back on here and chat with you all;) I think the entryway of your home isContinue reading “Our Updated Entryway!”

Our trip to Teton Village, Jackson Hole & Yellowstone National Park!

As I sit here and write this I can honestly say that our time in Jackson Hole was the most relaxing vacation I have ever been on! Something about being in nature and surrounded by nothing but stunning views, mountains, creeks, horses, buffalo, and sunshine is enough to make you just want to become oneContinue reading “Our trip to Teton Village, Jackson Hole & Yellowstone National Park!”

Kitchen inspiration for our new home

Hi!!!!! Happy Thursday:) Geesh I know they say April showers bring May flowers, but for real I AM SO over cold, rainy, snowy weather. Living in New England takes a toll on you this time of year because you are just like ummm Spring where are you??? Anyways, today I wanted to share with youContinue reading “Kitchen inspiration for our new home”

New Year, a blank slate

Hi All! I know everyone loves to start a new year with resolutions, but I feel like that word tends to put too much pressure on yourself so I am a big fan of New Year, NEW goals! Goal¬†is a great¬†comprimise because it lets you prepare yourself mentally to get you to the goal youContinue reading “New Year, a blank slate”

All Things Chatham, Cape Cod

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great fourth of July! We were at the Cape for part of the week, and it was gorgeous. Today, I am sharing with you all things Chatham, Cape Cod. I have been going to the Cape for four summers now so in my travels over the yearsContinue reading “All Things Chatham, Cape Cod”

Weekend Projects & DIY

Hi Everyone! This weekend the weather in New England was unreal. It was in the 70’s on Saturday. So needless to say we took advantage and it was pretty busy! I have been wanting window boxes installed for the longest time on our house and this weekend Andy finally installed them! Yahoo!!!! While he wasContinue reading “Weekend Projects & DIY”

White wash your fireplace!

Hi!!! Guys, this week I was feelin’ SUPER DIY oriented so I went ahead and white washed our fireplace! It was pretty impulsive, I came home on Monday, and was sitting in our living room looked over at my fiance and said “Ya know what I am so sick of how ugly our fireplace looks,Continue reading “White wash your fireplace!”

It’s Tuesday so you know what that means-My current favs

Happy Tuesday everyone:) For those of you that celebrated Easter this past weekend I hope you all had a great holiday with friends and family! This was my first year ever hosting a holiday dinner so I went a little crazy with all of the prepping. For those of you that host dinner parties oftenContinue reading “It’s Tuesday so you know what that means-My current favs”