Warm weather must haves!


I don’t know about you but have been dyinggg for warmer weather! I just want to open all of the windows in our house and smell the fresh air. I know I should be used to New England weather as I have lived here all my life, but as soon as Spring hits I AM READY for fun, bright pops of color! Below, I have gathered several items I cannot wait to get my hands on this season:)

Let’s start with accessories!

Beach Bag:

This Escape bag that my favorite+ultimate girl crush blogger Living with Landyn has in her home collection I need. How adorable would this be at the beach with your family, and friends? Not to mention a great carry on bag as well!! This will be on my birthday wish list for sure. If you haven’t checked out Landyn’s blog yet you need to. She is amazinnggg! Check her out here: http://www.livingwithlandyn.com/b-l-o-g/


Floppy beach hats:


Who doesn’t like a cute stylish hat for the beach, or the swim up bar by the pool? This girl here lovesss a floppy hat! Both of these hats I found on Target.com, and they are both under $20.00! Both of these hats are super stylsh, yet lightweight and easy to travel with at the same time.


As always, Marshalls and TJ MAXX win again for being amongst the best variety of dresses for any season. Living Maxxinista over here! I mean come on everything within this brand is to DIE for! Not only do they have great dresses, but they have an amazing variety of wedges, and such to choose from as well. The dress I am wearing in this picture is actually a cold shoulder dress, and I got it at Marshalls for $30.00! The wedges are from TJ Maxx. The jean jacket is from Zara, which I got about three years ago now so I am not sure if they still have it. These wedges are from a brand called Report and are seriously soo comfortable, and not to high either so they are functional to walk in:)

pic 1


This dress I paired with a nude wedge, and a nude clutch. I am loving nudes, and light pinks this spring!

If you haven’t been to Vici.com yet head over to the website! They always have amazing deals, and stylish clothing:) This one here is adorable, and is purple (my personal favvv.)Taryn3.27.17-178_grande













Look at this stunner:) I dieee


Check this out here!

I am loving all of the bright + fun lightweight clothing options they have at Vici, Tjmaxx and Marshalls with not only their dresses, but also all of the tops, t-shirts, and shoes!

I hope this post brings warmer weather for all of us:) Looking forward to tons of sunshine, and sending it your way as well!!!






I’m Back!

Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year! So glad to announce that I am back and so excited to start the new year with you all:) Today I am going to share some of my favorite Christmas gifts that I received this year that I know you will love.                                       


Dyson Ball Multifloor Vaccum: I have never in my life had a vacuum as amazing as this one. For those of you looking for one that will literally make you’re carpet look like it is professionally cleaned this is what you need. It is very light weight, extremely maneuverable and just THE BEST. One of my favorite gifts+right now it is on sale!

Elsie Pottery Barn Dish Set: I am getting married in September so a lot of my family members began getting me items from my registry. I registered for this beautiful white and blue china at Pottery Barn. I love how it is so elegant, yet can really go with anything on a dining room table top


Paddywax Candles:

These candles are a must have for you’re home or apartment! They smell so refreshing and clean. I light one almost every day in my living room and kitchen. They come in small and larger sizes, and burn for quite some time. http://www.paddywax.com/


Have a great evening:) Friday I will be posting some of my favorite home designs that I have seen in magazines recently.

These are a few of my favorite things:)

  1. I love adding different pieces you wouldn’t typically place within a space, so when I laid my eye on this ceramic frenchie I fell in love. He goes great on the cookbook’s and is fun.
  2. Cape Cod wine glasses you can never go wrong with. I really love stemless wine glasses too!  I got these at my favorite Chatham store (Mayflower
  3. When I got the Athleta catalog earlier this month and I planted my eyes on this maxi dress I knew I had to have it:) I tried it on, and it is so comfortableeee. I cannot wait to wear it this summer with some pretty gladiator sandals.
  4. I got this C shape table at Target a while back and I really like it because it works great in an area that is tight, but the other practicality about it is it still serves a purpose:)
  5. Who doesn’t love a pillow in their living room that says “Remember as far as everyone knows we are a nice normal family?” The great part about this pillow is my future Mother In Law has this on her couch at the Cape house. AHMAZING

What are your current favs?



These are a few of my favorite things

I decided that each Tuesday I will list current items that I am loving. To begin I have compiled a list of items around my house that I love. ENJOY!

BarThis is our bar area that is located in the dining room. The cool thing about this piece is that it is actually a dresser that my fiance, Andy and I redid last year. It came out great and it was my great grandmothers, so it adds a fun family heirloom to the space.I hung a neat mirror above to add a fun touch to the area. As you can see we haven’t restocked the wine from the last get together at our house hahah. That wine rack has been in the family for a while so I thought it fit well.I like to have a family framed picture in at least one room in the house and this one was too darn cute to not have displayed here.

The candle sitting on the right hand side is a Rewined candle in the scent Pinot Noir, which is only fitting for a bar. Can I just tell you it literally smells so amazing that you will want yourself lathered in it. For a candle it was on the pricier side, but TOTALLY worth it. I have it linked here to reference. You will NOT be dissapointed. http://www.rewinedcandles.com/

For those of you who live in New England, I picked my candle up in Chatham, MA this past weekend at my favorite store the Mayflower Shop. The owner is awesome, and she has the most beautiful furniture and cool gift ideas for friends and family. It looks like her website is being updated but I located the Trip Advisor link for you to reference if you are ever in the area.


I also have a bar tray displayed with some mason jars, and a neat jar full of lemons that sit along side some other fun decorative pieces.

**A lot of the fun items around my house are from TJ MAXX, Homegoods, and Marshalls**

I am asterisking this only because a majority of all the things in my house are found at those three locations:)

CharlesSay hello to our dog Charlie. He is a two year old Yorkie Terrier who was recently groomed and showing off his new due for the ladies;) Such a great dog and couldn’t be MORE loving!

Home Sweet HomeAndy got me this cute Massachusetts home sweet home sign for valentines day and it sits above our kitchen stove. I love the rustic look and feel to it, and because the kitchen really is the heart of the home I thought it was a perfect fit for it.

AwesomeI recently purchased this sign at TJ MAXX & it hangs above the bulletin board in the kitchen. Let me tell you on days like today where you really don’t want to go to work this sign surely will give you that extra pep in your step kind of momentum. I have an obsession with these black and white witty signs. They are funny and keep you on your toes.

ChairAnother TJ MAXX purchase (I know I know, but I warned you). This chair sits right next to our bar and it is a perfect spot for a guest to relax, and as you can see it is also perfect to place different holiday decor. Easter is right around the corner so I have an adorable bunny on the chair and her basket below. With St. Pattys day quickly approaching I need to get a Leprechaun to accompany her. I loveeeee the nail head look on this chair. It adds such great character and detail. The vase next to it gives a cool contemporary feel that mixes in well. I am a firm believer that not everything in your space has to match. Tying in cool, eclectic pieces really add a fun vibe to any space.

Easter BunniesSo, I am notorious for having my house decorated for each holiday. These few items look great on either a mantle or a kitchen island. They are simple, fun, and remind you of the holiday up ahead. Also, kids love them because they are interchangeable and can add a fun conversation to the family dinner table.

OrchidsI have two purple Orchids in our house and I AM OBSESSED. Not only is purple my favorite color, but they are just so calm and relaxing to look at. They remind me of a luxurious spa located on a tropical island. Also, for those of you that are hesitant to get one because of maintenance- let me be the first to tell you give these babies three ice cubes once a week, and some sunlight and they are happy as can be!

Rustic Soap HolderI love finding things at stores that can mix old with new. I picked this up at a flea market and knew I would find something to use it for. It just so happens that all of my soaps, lotions, and dish scrubbers fit inside. Not only is it practical but it is such a neat way to display soaps near your sink without leaving the space look cluttered. P.S. the toothbrush you see hanging out inside is for the dog haha not for anyone else in the fam.

Hope you enjoyed and leave a comment down below with some of your favorite household items I would LOVE to hear:)

Have a great day!