How I turned into a Greenthumb

Hi:) I hope everyone is having a great summer so far. The weather in New England has been just gorgeous! I wanted to chat today about my love for plants, and the green thumb I recently discovered within myself this year. Let me begin by saying I have killed my share of plants by accident,Continue reading “How I turned into a Greenthumb”

White wash your fireplace!

Hi!!! Guys, this week I was feelin’ SUPER DIY oriented so I went ahead and white washed our fireplace! It was pretty impulsive, I came home on Monday, and was sitting in our living room looked over at my fiance and said “Ya know what I am so sick of how ugly our fireplace looks,Continue reading “White wash your fireplace!”

Blanket Ladder Shelves

Happy Monday! Last week I mentioned I would post some of my favorite home decor items! One that I have had my eye on that I think is so different, and practical is the blanket ladder shelf.┬áIn my house we have sooo many throw blankets lying around, so I thought it would be perfect toContinue reading “Blanket Ladder Shelves”