I’m Back!

Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year! So glad to announce that I am back and so excited to start the new year with you all:) Today I am going to share some of my favorite Christmas gifts that I received this year that I know you will love.                                       


Dyson Ball Multifloor Vaccum: I have never in my life had a vacuum as amazing as this one. For those of you looking for one that will literally make you’re carpet look like it is professionally cleaned this is what you need. It is very light weight, extremely maneuverable and just THE BEST. One of my favorite gifts+right now it is on sale!

Elsie Pottery Barn Dish Set: I am getting married in September so a lot of my family members began getting me items from my registry. I registered for this beautiful white and blue china at Pottery Barn. I love how it is so elegant, yet can really go with anything on a dining room table top


Paddywax Candles:

These candles are a must have for you’re home or apartment! They smell so refreshing and clean. I light one almost every day in my living room and kitchen. They come in small and larger sizes, and burn for quite some time. http://www.paddywax.com/


Have a great evening:) Friday I will be posting some of my favorite home designs that I have seen in magazines recently.