Last minute holiday gift IDEAS-AKA my favorite things!


With Christmas being only 7 days away I wanted to share with you some of my FAVORITE gift giving ideas. Don’t worry you still have time! So finish some of those last minute items and you are in the home stretch. I know a lot of us do gift swaps, and stocking stuffers so I hope some of these will inspire you to finish up your holiday shopping! A few of these gift ideas are unisex because we don’t want to forget the men in our life. All of the items are linked and ready for you below:)

  • THIS scrub brush by Williams Sonoma is awesome. It is very inexpensive and SO effective. I love giving these as gifts to friends and families because not only do they work so well but they are aesthetically pretty to to have at your sink ready to use
  • No matter where you are in the US during the winter months it is great to have a warm and fuzzy winter hat to have when you are out and about. I LOVE the CC brand. They are a great price point and they are really good quality
  • Their is nothing more useful in the winter than touch screen gloves. I got Andy and I a pair of these this winter because around here you STILL need to be able to text and stay warm when you are outside
  • White faux fur rugs are such a great addition to your home and they are so soft and cozy not to mention very reasonably priced
  • Living Proof dry shampoo is life changing. I have been a fan for years and it is now a staple in my daily routine. This bottle would be a great stocking stuffer
  • My best friend gave me this book for my 30th birthday this year and I absolutely LOVE it. It is such a great tool to have for men or woman and it really makes you stop and keep track of your day to day life
  • This necklace and earring combo is one of my favorite buys of 2019. I love the star shine pieces on the necklace and earrings. So unique and goes with everything!
  • Nothing is more inviting to have in a home than a nice throw blanket to have on your bed or couch. I love the color and texture of this one
  • These baskets have easily turned into one of my favorite staple pieces to have around our home. They are so versatile and easy to clean
  • If you have been following me for a while you know my love for cheetah anything is pretty strong. So when I saw this zip up at Target this year I knew I had to have it. It is great for the winter months and GREAT quality!
  • My love for cutting boards is REAL. They can be used for food but also as a decorative piece for your island. This one is gorgeous and so inexpensive
  • For those worried about having a house plant that won’t survive have no fear because snake plants are extremely low maintenance and great to have and add in any space

I hope this alleviates any stress of brainstorming you may have for last minute gift ideas. I had a lot of fun rounding these up for you:)




Our master bedroom makeover!

TADA! I am so so happy that our master bedroom is officially complete:) If I am being 100% percent honest I have been wanting to redo our dresser for over a year now so getting this complete last weekend was very exciting! This piece we originally bought off craigslist and with the style of our new home it no longer flowed that well with our master bedroom. If you have been following me a while you know that I always rave about how much a coat of paint can change everything. It really is amazing how much of an impact a paint and some new hardware can completely transform a furniture piece. I believe any space in your home whether it is your bathroom, closet, or bedroom should reflect your style and make you happy when you walk into that space. I also think it is so important to prioritize the look and feel of the rooms in your home that you spend the most time in. That way when you are spending time in those spaces you feel comfortable, and relaxed.

This piece of furniture was one in which I saw everyday and the more I looked at it the more I thought you know what this baby needs an dresser makeover haha. I did not sand this piece down before I painted it. I do realize that when you do not sand down your furniture it is more likely to chip over time than if you sanded it down and then started from scratch with painting it. How you choose to paint and redo your furniture is 100% up to you. One thing that is important to keep in mind is if the furniture piece you are thinking of changing is one that you will be using everyday (opening, closing the drawers) then you may want to consider sanding down, or using chalk paint as both of these options are a lot more forgiving. I used the Glidden interior semi gloss glistening moonlight paint for this dresser. Here is another reminder of what this looked like prior to the paint.



The best part I would have to say about our bedroom makeover is that I actually want to spend time in here now. Isn’t it crazy how all it took for me to want to spend time in here was just painting and adding new hardware? I encourage you to also shop your home. Move different pieces around, paint hardware if you don’t like the way something looks in your space. I hope this encourages you to make that change on a piece of furniture you have in your home or to take a look at the hardware maybe that will spark an idea in your mind as well:)

How the heck can I still have a nice living room when my kids toys are everywhere?

THIS question is one of my favorites. I am so happy that I get to unload all of my thoughts and opinions on this topic today. I receive so many burning questions on this often. A lot of times I get asked this question and I thought it would be so helpful for you to have ALL of my thoughts on this. I hope this will allow even more inspiration for you in your living room space. I am telling you it is possible to contain your living room space and kids toys while being practical

I want you to think of any space in your home as one in which can be functional for all different phases in your life. How are you currently living in it? Do you feel like you aren’t totally maximizing it’s potential? I am sure you can probably answer yes to a lot of these. DO NOT WORRY you are not alone.

I don’t have little’s running around BUT I can only imagine the chaos that goes on while you are in your living room trying to watch TV. Bottom line I get it you want to have a space where you can unwind and relax while still having the flexibility that your children need for an area to play in. We have a living room room space and a play room but I am going to pretend for this post that we only have the living room to work with. You don’t need to break the bank to create a dual space that works for everyone in your family. DEEP breathes. I got YOU covered.

Here is what I hear a lot of:

You love your sectional couch, but you don’t love looking down at toys scattered all over the floor. MAN DO I HEAR you. The great thing about kids toys these days that I have noticed is that they are modern and actually I wouldn’t mind ANY of these in our own space. I mean this mini kitchen set is a dream! The items I have selected below are some of my favorites that I have been eyeing for any of the kid friendly design plans I do. I have created a design board with links below for you to reference when creating this space in YOUR OWN home. I hope this gives you a better understanding of what I mean.

Resources I picked with links:


Kids Kitchen (This one is no longer available I don’t think but their are SO many on Crate&Kids and other options. I would use this one as inspiration).

Toy Organization

Snake plant: You can get any local nursery, online or Home Depot

Plant Basket


Pouf (Additional seating for the kids)

Circular coffee table (SO practical and great for kids, you don’t need to worry about sharp edges hurting them)

Black & White Canvas (Target is killing it with the art prints lately. THIS I DIE FOR)

Side Table ( I LOVE THIS)

Overarching Lamp

Wall Hooks

Listen, I know kid “things” can get everywhere but that doesn’t mean your life has to be chaos in every room I promise. I hope this inspires you to see all the potential in making your living space work for YOU and YOUR family for years to come:)



How to Work From Home Successfully


I have been wanting to write a post on this for a while but hesitated to because I didn’t know if it would be something you would be interested in learning about or not. For those of you that participated in my Instagram poll on this a few weeks back thank you! I appreciate your feedback as always.

A lot of times people are under the impression that working from home entails you eating bon bons and replying to e-mails occasionally whereas I would argue that I work even harder and more diligently then when I am sitting in my a stuffy office space.

I know I typically focus all of my content on home interiors but I think it is nice to shift the focus at times to other day to day things that happen in our lives that we all can relate to. So, I thought why not take something like this and show you how I have eased my way into the transition of working from an office full time to working from home full time. I have been seeing more and more people also shifting to a work from home schedule so I am hoping if this is something you are unsure of or are struggling to stay focused this will give you a window into how I have learned to manage this.

Let me start off by saying if you had told me four years ago when I initially started to work from home two days a week at a corporate marketing job that this would be my full-time reality today I would have laughed. I NEVER thought I would be the type of “employee” that actually looked forward to working from home daily, and not to mention would actually got work done without physically being in an office building. I find it so interesting what the whole WFH concept and perception means to so many people who don’t have that kind of flexibility at their job. A lot of times people are under the impression you are doing everything BUT working. I am here to tell you that is NOT the reality. Listen, I am sitting in my home office editing this post at 6AM and then shortly after I will be answering work e-mails all before 7AM. The beauty of all of this is I don’t have to worry about commute times, rushing out the door to get ready, and battling it out in the coffee line.

I will be the first to tell you it was certainly an adjustment for me at first. If you have been following along for a while I am sure you have noticed that I am the definition of a chatty Cathy. I thrive off the energy of people, places, and things. Being extremely extroverted in an office place as you can imagine has it’s downfalls. I am the type of person that will ask all my coworkers, and friends when I get to work how their weekend was, and I genuinely I am interested in learning MORE about their lives. If I was able to keep those conversations short and sweet I would have been fine however for me that is just not possible haha. These conversations are great for a Saturday wine vineyard with the girls but not so much regularly at the office where deadlines and priorities as you know are all on a timeline. I even found some days when I was in the office that I would leave feeling more overwhelmed because I had spent a majority of my day listening to other conversations and not getting some of the key deadlines I had on my todo list complete.

I am certainly not here to tell you that you cannot be social with your coworkers and successful in your current role at the same time. I am just letting you know that for me I struggled to find the happy median in the office which is why when I started working from home more and more and I had to really reset my mind to get on a routine and learn what my strengths and weaknesses in the workplace I had in terms of my productivity levels. I tend to say “yes” to SO many things and deliver however how I was getting them done was leaving me feeling overwhelmed while still trying to also be a good wife and bonus Mom to Sofia.

Some of these mind shifts and changes I made in my day to day world when I started working from home really helped me gain the most out of my day and by making these essential changes to how I was getting work done. I learned when I am most productive which are the hours between (7AM-12PM). I use this time to schedule meetings and reply to e-mails. Then, in the afternoon after those hours I catch up on other projects that I working on with my colleagues. Please keep in mind this did not happen over night and I am still learning each day how I can so don’t get frustrated if you are feeling overwhelmed by WFH full time you will get into the swing and find your rhythm.

Here are a few things I swear by now in my routine that I promise may help you too:

  1. Plan your day out the day before-YES you heard that right. I am telling you if you jot down the main priorities you need to for the following day it is a game changer. I even keep a sticky note on my laptop to remind me and so that I am visually looking at it. I have a Calm the Chao journal from Anthropology that is my life line now. I use it each day and it is such a great way to get your mind ready for the next day.
  2. Wear regular clothes each day even though I know it is going to be tempting to put on those workout pants! I get that it is so easy to stay in workout gear all day trust me I do because I to was in the same cycle when I first started working from home. To me getting ready, as if you are actually going into a formal office really is a game changer. I am not saying you need to dress to the nines and wear a business suit each day but something that makes YOU feel good in will totally set you up for success and your mind will be ready to take on anything!
  3. STICK with a regular routine. This is key. Make a routine that works best for you whether that is going to the gym first thing in the morning, or having your coffee ritual before the rest of your family, boyfriend, or roommate wakes up. If that is what makes you happy make it a routine that you can THRIVE off of. This is also a good way to feel successful before the of start each day! I write out our weekly schedule not only on my agenda, and post it notes BUT I also have a monthly calendar on a white board that works awesome. You don’t need to spend a lot of money of top notch organizational tools. These are just the basics that have helped me immensely!
  4. RUN DO NOT WALK to the cutest local cafe or coffee shop near your home. I am willing to bet you have a few close enough to go to that have free Wi-Fi. For me even though we have an office at home I go a little stir crazy being in my house all day long and it is funny when Andy, my husband gets home from work sometimes he will be able to tell if I have been home all day without leaving because I have crazy DIY projects that I want him to do haha which I am sure comes as no surprise. Another great reason I love cafes is you get to take in the atmosphere and the people around you. Not to mention the dozens of other WFH employees that you are surrounded by.
  5. Podcasts. These are my new obsession and the two that I love are the Rise podcast by Rachel and Dave Hollis. They are both inspiring motivational speakers and Rachel Hollis started her company with no high school education and teaches you quite literally to pull up your bootstraps and take on the damn day! My other absolute hysterically hilarious podcast obsession is the Absolutely Not podcast by the one and only Heather McMahan! This woman is so freakin’ funny that I do admit at times I cry during the day when I am listening. It is so great to have a podcast you like handy because if you are missing the background noise of an office this will help!

I hope this post helped you get a better understanding or why working from home works so much better for some people and why for me at this point in my life I feel so lucky to be able to do so. I love the flexibility of being able to be around for Sofia if she needs me but at the same time logging back online later after dinner is made to finish up e-mails. Listen I think I am doing something right if I have now successfully done this for over four years now haha.

Have a great day everyone and as always leave a comment below if you have any questions



Sofia’s playroom makeover

Today is ALL about Sofia’s playroom makeover. I am so excited to share with you the makeover that I completed for Sofia while she was away for two weeks this summer!

Ever since we moved into our home I knew I wanted to create a welcoming, fun space that is age appropriate for Sofia and her friends to hang out in. When we built our home I purposely had them hold on painting the walls in this room because I had other ideas in mind of what I would eventually do in here. All it took for this look was some wallpaper and a cute hanging swing and I feel like the room got an entire transformation! Also, as I have said before throw pillows with some great down filling inside can make a world of difference as well.

Let’s chat about the wallpaper I picked. I have been wanting to do some wallpaper in our house for quite a while now but their are so many patterns to pick from and once I learned about the peel and stick wallpaper I was sold! Peel and stick wallpaper is awesome. YOU GUYS it is SO SO easy to install and listen if you get sick of it in a month (kidding) or a year its not like you spent 12 hours installing it. Put it this way I did all of this by myself and Andy loved it because I left him alone while doing it haha. It comes right off and you are left again with a blank slate. This is the pretty pattern that I picked for the playroom. It is not too much color and pops perfectly with the couch and the rug that I bought back from Overstock on major sale. It is inexpensive and I thought the pattern was really unique.Here is the wallpaper I got. When I tell you wallpaper completely transforms an entire room believe me when I tell you it DOES and you will love the final look.

As for the swing that we added Andy installed this for me. He made sure to drill a hole into a stud we had in the ceiling so when you sit on it the weight sitting in the swing is not an issue. (The last thing we want is someone getting injured on this baby haha). We then went to HomeDepot and got some pretty rope to tie the swing to the ceiling and then tied the excess rope around the top of the swing to add an extra detail. This is the swing that we ended up getting . The best part is that it was under $40.00!

The other part of her playroom that I think works well for any room no matter the age are incorporating floating shelves. What is great about these shelves is you can put anything on them, books, awards, school items, pictures etc! You can get them really inexpensive on Amazon.com that is where I got ours!

I hope this inspires you to add a few pretty touches to a room in your home and leave your comments below if you have any questions on what we did!

Have a wonderful day


Our Updated Entryway!


It feels so good to be typing on my blog again I took quite the hiatus but between moving this past summer and life I am finally back into the swing of things and it’s time to get back on here and chat with you all;)

I think the entryway of your home is so important to prioritize when you are decorating this part of your home. It is the first space guests see when they enter your home and it leaves quite an impression. I noticed recently every time Sofia has her friends over we all greet and chat by our front entry way so you want that space to feel warm, welcoming, inviting and comfortable to guests.

A few simple additions you can create to an entryway space no matter the size are these ideas:

  • Add greenery
  • Candles
  • Small floating shelves
  • Hook’s for coat storage
  • Add a mirror for additional depth and dimension

In our last home our entryway was quite simple. You walked in and the coat rack was to the left with a closet on the right. That is the case for many homes and even apartments. The different additions I mentioned above can still be incorporated in small spaces. You can add greenery (succulents, larger potted plants if you have the space) very easily. Any pop of color especially natural real live plant color is gorgeous to see when you walk in the front door. Who doesn’t love the smell of a good candle the second they walk into someone’s home? A small table to place a mini candle on is a great cozy addition the entrance as well. If you don’t have the space for a table to place anything on I would recommend investing in some floating shelves. They come in so many different sizes now that you can easily find one small enough for your front entry way that suits your space. Target has some great options. Here is the link to the ones I have in our front entryway!

I recently purchased this mirror at our local HomeGoods and I love the way it looks. The best part was that it was ONLY $40.00! I was shocked when I saw the price and the quality of it!! These french bistro inspired mirrors make me so happy and I didn’t even install this one into our wall I think it looks great just leaning against the wall on our console table below. Mirrors are AWESOME to have in an entry way because they make a space look larger and add so much depth. The mirror you place in your entryway doesn’t have to be huge even a circular mirror would work great.

If you have a larger entry way I recommend having a console table with pull put drawers for additional storage and some sort of bench/seating area so that you can allow space to gather your belongings before you head out the door. I added some pillows which are also from HomeGoods. The great thing about the pillows on the bench is that you can interchange them depending on the season. Our bench is from Pottery Barn but I noticed that so many of the benches you find online now have storage underneath. All of the bins I have under our bench are from Target. Here are the ones we have. The other added element that you will see I incorporated into our entryway that works nice if you have the space for it is to place artwork on the wall. It is a great way to add an inviting touch to this space. You could even frame a nice family photo as well!

Here are some photos of our entryway that I hope you gain some inspiration from:

Our trip to Teton Village, Jackson Hole & Yellowstone National Park!

As I sit here and write this I can honestly say that our time in Jackson Hole was the most relaxing vacation I have ever been on! Something about being in nature and surrounded by nothing but stunning views, mountains, creeks, horses, buffalo, and sunshine is enough to make you just want to become one with nature hahah I know that sounds corny but I am being serious IT WAS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! From the minute we landed in Jackson Hole I fell in love. The airport is the cleanest and most picturesque place I have ever landed in my life so far. Andy has been all over the United States because he was in the Air Force so luckily because he has always been quite the traveler at heart this trip was one he had been on years ago and knew the area we are visiting pretty well.

Where to stay: We stayed in Teton Village which is about 15 minutes from Jackson Hole. I highly recommend staying in this area because their SO much to do. You could also book your stay in downtown Jackson Hole as well. We used airbnb to coordinate all of our lodging for this trip. Shopping, restaurants, hiking, water sports and site seeing galore are to name some of the few activities available to do on this vacation. Teton Village is a quaint little village that many people actually stay at during the peak ski season in Jackson Hole because the village actually sits at the bottom of the Tetons mountains. This is where thousands of people ski during the winter months. What is beautiful about this location is that you can see where the ski trails are from the bottom of the mountain where everyone stays and it is absolutely beautiful to see how vast they really are. The summer months in my opinion are equally as beautiful.

The great thing about this area of Wyoming is that it is NOT commercialized at all. Other than the main areas where the resorts, condos, and restaurants are commercialization is pretty much non-existent. Their are vast open plains wherever you look. What does exist though are beautiful, breathtaking sights and sounds wherever you look. Within Teton Village their are several restaurants, horse trail riding opportunities, gondola rides along with stunning mountain views and hiking.

Activities: The activities in the area that we stayed were honestly endless. If you stay in Jackson Hole or Teton Village you are basically in the mecca of where all of the events and activities you can do take place. We actually wanted to do more while we were vacationing but by the end of the 8 days we felt fulfilled with all that we DID accomplish in our time there. We did horseback riding, bike riding, hiking, swimming, basketball to name some of the few options you have! Next time we go we would love to go whitewater rafting! Another great thing about Teton Village is you can rent bikes and begin a lot of the activities at this spot. We did a two hour horse back riding adventure through Teton Village Trail Rides. HIGHLY recommend them if you want to horseback ride! Fun fact Scarlett Johansson actually did this same tour with the Rockefeller family our tour guide told us:) It really was such a beautiful way to take in more of the landscape and sites and sounds around this beautiful area.Horses 2


Horses 1

Yellowstone National Park: Andy had been describing Yellowstone to Sofia and I for a long time and we both I don’t think fully grasped the beauty of how it really was until we actually physically were there in person. It is hard for me to really describe it to you in detail without you going to see it for yourself:) Another reason you should make this a bucket list trip! A few things to keep in mind with Yellowstone National Park is that their is a lot of driving so bring plenty of sandwiches, snacks, and water. I also recommend leaving EARLY so you can see the animals at dawn especially because you will get a lot of the driving out of the way to the park before the rest of the tourists begin piling in. Here are the different sites we visited while we were in Yellowstone. Where we stayed brought us to the south entrance of Yellowstone, so in order to get to Yellowstone you have to drive through Teton National Park which was another beauty but not as many landmarks to see at this one. Still so pretty to drive through though!

Lewis Lake: This is right at the entrance of Yellowstone park and to be honest I think it is one of the most underrated parts of the park because it is SO picturesque and beautiful! The waterfall running into the lake is gorgeous and it is not too large so you can go and explore. You certainly can jump on the rocks at the base of the fall and enjoy the water below.

Hayden Valley: This was one of our favorite parts of the park because of the amount of wildlife here. Buffalo are everywhere simply everywhere so MUCH that you are like where do I look? They are so adorable, they make funny sounds and as you see below they are on their own time and DO NOT care about crossing in front of traffic which is hilarious. We LOVED it! At dusk though their was NO buffalo here when we drove through on a different day so I would say the best time to come is during the daytime so you are able to see all of the buffalo! You may get lucky and see other wildlife as well:)


Old Faithful: We all thought Old Faithful was beautiful it is just VERY touristy and crowded. We actually hiked almost 2 miles to the top of one of the mountains to see this go off from afar. I highly recommend doing this because to us it was actually a lot better of a view and it was not as crowded to look at from above here. If you go I would make this site one to do maybe toward the end of your trip because to me their was other beautiful sites to see besides this one.

Old faithful

West Thumb: This was beautiful. So many hot springs at this part of the park and this site overlooks Yellowstone Lake so the sites and sounds are just so peaceful and serene.

Hot Sprin

Mammoth Hot Springs: This beauty is at the north side of the park and I highly recommend checking it out because this part of the park also has a general store, lodging and restaurants to eat at. It is so crazy how different parts of the park are really so different from one another.

Where we ate in Teton Village:

*Mangy Moose Restaurant & Saloon: Great great breakfast, cappuccinos, smoothies etc. YOU name it they have it and they serve breakfast until 11 AM. They also have dinner as well and we ate their one night for dinner. Really good food and drinks:)

*Jackson Hole General Store: This is such an adorable little general store right in Teton Village. They also have smoothies, sandwiches, and other snacks to choose from. They also have cute gifts around the store!

*Four Seasons- The Handle Bar: Ever since my trip to San Diego in June I have become overly obsessed with spicey margartias and The Handle Bar has amazing spicey margs. This was a great place to go after we would bike ride all day or we were done with our adventure through Yellowstone National Park.

*Four Seasons- Westbank Grill: We treated ourselves one night and ate dinner here and it was amazing. The food, the atmosphere, and our server were all so sweet and very accommodating. We actually all got steak and it was delicious. Sofia even got a smore for dessert and loved it. They have smores that you can actually buy and eat on the patio outdoor with your family around the fire pits.

Restaurants in Jackson Hole:

*The Merry Piglets: This restaurant has unreal Mexican food and if you know me you know I LOVE Mexican food. The spicey marg here was insane. Celebrities have even been seen eating here according to our lovely server.

*Jackson Drug: AMAZING ice cream. This location is right in downtown Jackson Hole and has a a cute quaint area inside for everyone to enjoy. I will warm you though the service is pretty slow so keep that in mind before you come but I PROMISE it is well worth it!

*Bin 22: This was surely a family favorite for all of us. Bin 22 has amazing Tapas. Unreal. Anything you order of the menu I guarantee will not disappoint. Sofia LOVED the lemonade here too:) She is still talking about it today!

*Teton Village Pizza: This pizza was amazing. REALLY good! We all enjoyed it and it was a quick and easy place to go after being in Yellowstone all day.


The shopping in downtown Jackson Hole is great they have a lot of general stores as well as home decorating shops (which I loved) We actually bought a beautiful rug and had it sent straight to our home so I will share that with you when we get it. They really have a wide range of everything from candy stores, to cute boutiques, and shoe stores. I would say a majority of the shopping though is in Jackson Hole. Teton Village only has a few places to shop. Look how adorable this restaurant is!



Tween Bedroom Makeover for Sofia


Today I am SO excited to be sharing Sofia’s bedroom upgrade with you all! I absolutely loved creating this space for her and seeing the reaction on her face when I showed her the room! Sofia loves two things all things white, along with simple gold accents. I kept both of these things in mind while I helped design this new space for her. Her grandparents were nice enough to purchase all of the bedroom furniture for her. This was her birthday/graduation gift and we are very lucky and thankful for that:) Sofia and I selected all of her furniture from Wayfair.com. We have had so much luck with everything we purchased from them in the past so I thought it would be a great place to purchase all of her bedroom furniture as well.

Here was the initial design board that I created for this space. Design boards are essential to begin with when redesigning any space. Visually seeing the furniture and the other elements you would like to add into a room are key to making sure you really like what you are about to purchase. We did a gold, black, and white color scheme throughout and it turned out so great:)

Boylan Upholstered Panel Headboard                                 Castagnier 3 Drawer Night Stand


Katy Student Desk and Hutch Set       Hanscom 10 Drawer Double DresserThese images shown above are all from Wayfair.com

As you can see all of the furniture is white but different shades which gives the room as you can see a contrast in itself. What was great about ordering from Wayfair was the delivery process which was all so new to me. They not only delivered everything to our house but they brought it into the room that it needed to go to and it WAS already assembled! Was not expecting that at all but was so pleasantly surprised because usually furniture is left outside of your front door step.

Some of the items we used to decorate here space are all linked below:

20ct Patio String Lights - image 1 of 2

These are the globe lights we used in her room from Target:

The gold wooden beaded picture picture display is from the Papersource:


This is the throw we bought for Sofia’s bedding to go over the top. Throw blankets are like finishing touches to a bed.

Cream Fringe Lumbar Pillow - Opalhouse™ - image 1 of 4

I LOVE this fringe pillow. It has gold sequins sewed into it and it pops perfectly on Sofia’s bed:)

Sofia’s bed comforter

We accessorized her room with a lot of the same frames we had in her previous bedroom but we did add in some gold accents because Sofia LOVES gold. We got a lot of the frames and accessories below from TJMAXX. What is great about this room is that it is now a relaxing oasis for Sofia to go to when she gets home from school and unwinds. The desk in her room is so important for her to utilize for studying, writing essays, and getting things done.


I really like my new room because it has a nice gold decorations like the pineapples that I mixed with everything that I LOVE!



Sofia’s Bathroom!


Designing Sofia’s bathroom in our new home was so fun for me! I knew when I began the design of this space I wanted to do something fun, practical, and timeless. In a way this bathroom reminds me of our honeymoon when we visited Paris which was unintentional but also very special. The color scheme I decided on was brass lighting along with black accessories. My inspiration for this space really came through different elements I knew I wanted and I knew Sofia would LOVE. I wanted something with clean lines, and a bit modern. Completing the space with a brass light fixture as well as a nice over-sized tall scalloped black mirror for above the vanity helped really tie this space together.

If you have been following along with me on insta stories you know the subway tile you see was actually something I added after I had picked out the tile and the vanity. I am SO happy I pulled the trigger on the subway tile because it really completes the space and is a beautiful focal point. Having never had subway tile in a home before I was anxious to see how it looked when completed. It is so easy to clean, and what is great about it is you can still add in fun pops of color within this space and not worry about anything clashing. Subway tile is also perfect for a kids bathroom because it is SO easy to clean and you never have to worry about the walls getting water on them because the tile is their to protect that.

The flooring was done in a herringbone pattern and what is great about this tile color is it hides dirt very well and you are not having to constantly clean it. I am in LOVE with this pattern!


The only challenges we had in this space were drilling in the mirror into the subway tile. Andy had to buy a specific bit at Home Depot for this but once that was purchased it was very easy to drill into. I recommend researching how to do this before you drill anything into tile. The other challenge was installing the light which the builders did for us because you need a certain tool to cut into the tile and install a light. This required a builder and a technician.

Bathroom Sources & Details:

Towels: Wayfair

Towel Hooks: Wayfair

Shower Curtain: Wayfair

Mirror:  Wayfair

Faucet: Wayfair

Sink: Kohler

Bathroom Rug: Target

Picture: Primark

Hardware: Rejuvination in a brass finish

Hardware: Amazon

Quartz: Thegraniteplace {Located in Massachusetts}

Tile: Fitzegerald Tile {Located in Massachusetts} done in a herringbone pattern

Lighting: Amazon

Charlie is even making himself right at home. I hope you all enjoyed this post and have a great weekend!

charlie and the hardware


Kitchen inspiration for our new home


Happy Thursday:) Geesh I know they say April showers bring May flowers, but for real I AM SO over cold, rainy, snowy weather. Living in New England takes a toll on you this time of year because you are just like ummm Spring where are you??? Anyways, today I wanted to share with you what my kitchen inspiration has been for the new space. I know I shared some inspirational images with you on our moving post, but I wanted to dive into more of the details that we are going to  replicate within our space. For each category I wanted to show you what we plan on doing within that part of the kitchen space.

Kitchen Hood: I think the white built-in vented hood look is so sleek, and wonderful in any kitchen space. The carpentry work is so unique looking and the vented hood turns into more of a focal point rather than an eye soar. We are working with our kitchen company to accomplish something very similar to the below.

via Hendel Homes - a white kitchen with a classic white subway tile backsplash and a sleek Thermador range cooktop. Please check out the blog for more innovations from the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Orlando 2017.
Laurel Home

Open Shelving: I LOVE open shelving anywhere in a space especially in a kitchen! I want to put some in our kitchen by the wet bar. These pictures are what I am thinking for inspiration. I plan on stacking the shelves with our colorful dishes, and glasses that we have. They have awesome options on Etsy and they are reasonanably priced as well. I like the concept of open shelving SO much because you can see what dishes and plates you have, I know often times we are all guilty of not even knowing what we own so this is a good solution.

love the open shelves in the kitchen idea instead of crowded cluttered cabinets full of crap we never use

The open shelving trend in kitchens are stunning and functional. Take a look at these Looks to Love Open Shelving in the Kitchen - 15 Inspirational Kitchens
Intentional Hospitality










Farmhouse Sink: Who doesn’t love farmhouse sinks? They are not only gorgeous, but they are big enough to hold plenty of dishes, and really are so practical. Here is one that I LOVEE. We want to have a white one in the new kitchen. The look is so simple yet such a statement piece. They also are a lot deeper than a typical sink so floral arranging will become a lot easier for me..haha these are the things I think about.

Love the open shelves and cozy atmosphere. Would add a little medium wood color for warmth.
Coastal Cottage

Glass Cabinetry: One of the other must haves I wanted to make sure was incorporated into our kitchen design were a few glass doors on our cabinetry. Similar to open shelving glass doors on your cabinetry allow you to showcase your pretty china, and colorful pieces you own. I am so excited to see how these turn out!

Wet Bar: We have never had an area designated to mixin’ up cocktails so designing this part of our kitchen has been super exciting for us! I mean what is more fun then an area to store all of your fancy cocktail glasses? We are even going to have a wine/beverage cooler similar to the one shown below. We will have a built in wine rack + wine glass holder above the counter top to make sure we have plenty of room for all the wines we love.

Basements are notorious for being dark little caves of a space. While this is not the case with every basement, it can be a challenge for many of us baseme


Runners: In this kitchen we will have a lot more space to place a pretty runner by the kitchen sink, so I have been loving some of these runners designs below.  They are neutral and go with everything!

Today we are finalizing the tile and Friday we are finishing up the kitchen layout. We are so close to getting all of the larger details complete it is kind of surreal. The little details are what seem to be the most tedious, but we will cross the finish line soon enough! EEEK!

Have a great rest of your week my friends:)


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