Wedding PREP for all of YOU beautiful BRIDES to be

Hello gorgeous:)

This post was REALLY fun for me to write! First of all CONGRATULATIONS to all of you that just got engaged, and have been engaged:) SO EXCITING!

Before I begin I want you to take a DEEP breathe, because promise me when I tell you that everything will be JUST fine. I am going to begin this post with a laugh that you will enjoy. One of my bridesmaids looked at me recently and was like “Jordan you have literally been the calmest bride I thought for sure you were going to be a bridezilla.” hahah I laughed so hard, and I took that as a major compliment because the last thing I ever wanted to be is considered a crazy bride who loses sleep over planning.

Let’s face it we ALL have our different preferences, opinions, and styles when doing anything in life so I think when it comes to YOUR wedding day the most important thing to do is do what YOU love, and what makes YOU happy. If you can take one bit of my wedding day advice post that would be it.

What is going to make YOU smile at the end of your special day? What are the little details that will make you look back on your day and say “I am so happy I did that?” Remember your wedding is your day to shine, smile, laugh, and be around all of those special people in your life.


Family Opinions: Weddings can bring out opinions and thoughts from people in your family that you may not have even thought about. This is not a bad thing at all. I think you just need to keep in mind that with anything in life opinions will be thrown your way so taking each thought as more of a suggestion than an opinion will not only save your sanity, but whoever is giving you the idea will greatly appreciate the fact that you are at least listening to the idea they have.

Vendor Selection: I was very open to different vendors when selecting them for our wedding. Being a new bride the key for me was to ask other friends and family members who they used when they got married. Don’t be afraid to do that! I think it is just a lot easier to go off of someones opinion that has already had a first hand experience with a vendor you are interested in getting for day of the wedding. This way you know what you are getting and know what to expect. The also has great vendors to choose from as well if you are looking to expand your horizons on what vendor to work with.

Pinterest: Pinterest is great for wedding inspiration, themes you would like to follow, or different creative ideas. In my opinion I wouldn’t obsess over getting everything from Pinterest only because their are so many different options that you could go down a rabbit hole and find yourself coming out on the other end with 748377348 ideas and then begin feeling even more overwhelmed. I looked on Pinterest for a few ideas and then google imaged some others and other than that I kept things very simple. As soon as you start crafting several different items at once it can begin feeling overwhelming especially with all of the other wedding essentials that need to be complete.

Do something to keep you calm: Keeping calm during wedding planning is key because it does feel like a lot to take on at times especially if you are working full time and have life itself to take care of at the same time as planning. I suggest to keep going to that yoga class, boxing class, or even outings with friends because it will keep you grounded and it will be a great outlet for you to release any stress you are feeling during the process of planning. Your fiance will thank you too;)

Don’t sweat the small stuff: Remember at the end of the day and the wedding no one will remember the little things that you spent so much energy on worrying about. What they will remember is the food, the music, and the drinks. So if you are ever feeling down or defeated during the planning process just keep reminding yourself of that.

I am excited to hear if any of this advice helped you at all in your wedding planning processes! I hope you all have a great day:)


I get married one week away!


xx J

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Hello! My name is Jordan and I live with my family in Massachusetts. I have an enormous amount of energy all the time, and an absolute passion for decorating and collecting different furniture pieces for our home. Nothing makes me happier than seeing Andy, Sofia and our dog Charlie enjoy being in our home.

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