Weekend Projects & DIY

Hi Everyone!

This weekend the weather in New England was unreal. It was in the 70’s on Saturday. So needless to say we took advantage and it was pretty busy! I have been wanting window boxes installed for the longest time on our house and this weekend Andy finally installed them! Yahoo!!!!

While he was installing the window boxes out front I was busy painting one of the doors on our house that was in dire need of a new color.

These are the window boxes we went with, and as you will see below I ended up painting them a plum/dark color. I LOVE how they turned out. Here is what the window boxes looked like before I painted them: Window boxes really add so much more character to your home, I am so excited to plant flowers in these when it gets warmer out! When I do I will add a picture here to show you what they look like.


Here is the after:

As I mentioned above I painted the window boxes with a stain, and then added the corbels for a pretty detail underneath each window box. I painted the corbels the same color as the window boxes. I got the corbels at Home Depot in the lumber section, near all of the crown molding. The hardest part of the install on these window boxes is that a section of our house is rock as you see in the picture above, because of that you can’t just use a regular drill when installing these. You need a hammer drill to install them successfully. You can get a hammer drill at any local hardware store, Home Depot, or Lowes. Price of hammer drills range from $80-$300.00o.

All and all how much better does this window look my friends? Seriously I cannot wait to add two more to the other bay window!!! Can it be warm tomorrow already?!

Here is the other project I was working on….This door before was plain oak, I didn’t take a before picture because it was pretty sad-looking. I love what this door turned out looking like-the pop of color is just what it needed!! I feel like it is so bright and cheery plus, it reminds me of spring year round. I love colorful doors, we have a red front door, but I think it is totally fine to incorporate other colors on your house.

Excuse the writing on this photo-sorry I took a screenshot of my Instagram account.


I can’t wait to add the other two window boxes to the other side on the house. I hope you all had awesome weekends!


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Hello! My name is Jordan and I live with my family in Massachusetts. I have an enormous amount of energy all the time, and an absolute passion for decorating and collecting different furniture pieces for our home. Nothing makes me happier than seeing Andy, Sofia and our dog Charlie enjoy being in our home.

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