White wash your fireplace!


Guys, this week I was feelin’ SUPER DIY oriented so I went ahead and white washed our fireplace! It was pretty impulsive, I came home on Monday, and was sitting in our living room looked over at my fiance and said “Ya know what I am so sick of how ugly our fireplace looks, I am going to Google how to fix this ASAP. ASAP as in I tackled it the next day! I know I am insane, but below I am going to give you a play by play on how my experience went. I promise it is A LOT easier than it looks, but it is a bit messy.

Oh and just so you know all white wash is is paint, and water! Who would have thought? It looks so much more complex in pictures that just those two simple ingredients!! I totally learned something new the other day;)

What you will need: A drop cloth, paint brush, an old rag, some blue paint tape, any white paint you have around your house and mix with water. I did 50% white paint, and 50% water. Mix this into a plastic cup and stir. Mix until the consistency is evenly distributed throughout.

Step One: Cover up any areas that you DO NOT want to get covered up in paint splotches. I am telling you people this gets messy, when you are mixing white paint + water it gets very tricky. When I did this I had the rag with me in one hand, and the paint brush in the other so you turn into a super multi-tasker. Then, tape off with your blue paint tape any areas you do not want extra paint to get near.

As you can see this bad boy needed some SERIOUS loving!!


Step Two: Take a sponge with warm water, and dab the fire-place with it. This will get rid of any cobwebs, or dirt on the brick. You don’t want that to get mixed in with the white wash. No bueno.

Step Three: Now that you have your water and paint mixed, let’s get to it! I would start painting one brick at a time. As I mentioned earlier, this mixture is messy so if you begin painting more than one brick at a time the paint gets everywhere and then you are cleaning your floors like a crazy person. Take a step back to take a look at how the bricks look after you complete the first row of whitewash. This will give you an idea of how many coats you need, and what bricks need to be touched up ETC.


Step Four: Once you lay on the all of the whitewash on your fireplace let it dry because the brick will seep through and give it that modern feel that you are going for. You may need another coat or you many not I only did one coat of whitewash, and then touched up some of the bricks that needed some extra lovin’.

Step Five: Remove the blue tape, and TADA you are done!!! SO easy, and all in I would say it took about three hours. People you have a brand spankin new fireplace, and it looks like a million BUCKS!!! Tell me how much you love it??!!


Below are some other examples of how awesome these fireplaces look in homes I found!

Let me know how this worked out for you below:) I would love to see your whitewash DIY projects!


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Hello! My name is Jordan and I live with my family in Massachusetts. I have an enormous amount of energy all the time, and an absolute passion for decorating and collecting different furniture pieces for our home. Nothing makes me happier than seeing Andy, Sofia and our dog Charlie enjoy being in our home.

2 thoughts on “White wash your fireplace!

  1. Love it and I totally did mine too! Was ooovveerrr the red and browns, it’s not my house at all! How do I show you a pic of mine?


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