How awesome are Poufs?

I recently bought a pouf for our family room, and I cannot get enough. I think poufs are such a great addition to any space. They add additional seating options, and are so cool and fun looking! I just bought this one from Target, and I love the color combination.The one I bought is reallyContinue reading “How awesome are Poufs?”

How do you incorporate seasonal decor into your home?

Hi!!!! With Valentines Day approaching I thought it would be a good idea to post some of my thoughts on incorporating seasonal decor into your home. With sooo many different holidays throughout the year it can get very overwhelming to decide where to put different themed decorations around your house. For me the only holidayContinue reading “How do you incorporate seasonal decor into your home?”

Blanket Ladder Shelves

Happy Monday! Last week I mentioned I would post some of my favorite home decor items! One that I have had my eye on that I think is so different, and practical is the blanket ladder shelf. In my house we have sooo many throw blankets lying around, so I thought it would be perfect toContinue reading “Blanket Ladder Shelves”

I’m Back!

Hi Everyone! Happy New Year! So glad to announce that I am back and so excited to start the new year with you all:) Today I am going to share some of my favorite Christmas gifts that I received this year that I know you will love.                 Continue reading “I’m Back!”