How awesome are Poufs?

I recently bought a pouf for our family room, and I cannot get enough. I think poufs are such a great addition to any space. They add additional seating options, and are so cool and fun looking! I just bought this one from Target, and I love the color combination.The one I bought is really comfortable to sit on too. Like anything they range from high to low in price, and I think you would be surprised how many you can find that are inexpensive yet comfortable. These cute things can be stored anywhere. If you have a coffee table large enough they can get tucked right underneath the table, or even stacked away in a corner.

If you live in an apartment these are a great option to add space for nights when you have guests over. They are perfect for the warmer weather outside on patios too! They come in outdoor weather fabric selections so you don’t have to worry about them getting ruined.

Below I rounded up some of my favorite ways poufs are showcased in spaces (outdoors and indoors.)





Image/BHG Style House




Feature Image/RH

How do you incorporate seasonal decor into your home?


With Valentines Day approaching I thought it would be a good idea to post some of my thoughts on incorporating seasonal decor into your home. With sooo many different holidays throughout the year it can get very overwhelming to decide where to put different themed decorations around your house.

For me the only holiday I reallly pull out all of the stops for is Christmas. I know everyone is different, and some of you may decorate a lot for each of these holidays.  With that being said for all of the other holidays that happen throughout the year I like to have some sort of representation of each in our home. I think it adds some charm, and reminds you to slow down and appreciate what is to come. Below, I show a few examples of how I decorated around our house for the holiday.

I usually always decorate our floating Etsy shelf, which I LOVE! The reclaimed wood, and stain on this baby is so awesome, and it really adds a rustic vibe to our kitchen. Here is the link of the one I got. This shelf is so fun to decorate throughout the year, and so easy to change around depending on what season is upon us I got this cute heart and pom pom banner in the Target dollar spot for $3 bucks!!! SO easy and simple, and adds such a cute touch to this shelf.


Here are the Valentine dish towels I picked up at Tj Maxx over the weekend too. As you can see the towel says love in different languages. I thought the print and the colors were great for the holiday, and add such a simple touch to the oven.


Look at this! For a younger girls room how cute is this Love banner we picked up at Marshalls today? So great for a room, and again such a simple touch to celebrate Valentines day:)


I hope this post helps you brainstorm some ideas! Remember simple decorations like this add such cute and easy touches to any space. Another idea you could do is fill some mason jars with Hershey Kisses, or Sweetheart candy. These ideas are all super inexpensive!

How are you decorating your home?



Blanket Ladder Shelves

Happy Monday!

Last week I mentioned I would post some of my favorite home decor items! One that I have had my eye on that I think is so different, and practical is the blanket ladder shelf. In my house we have sooo many throw blankets lying around, so I thought it would be perfect to add one of the babies to our living room. I created one on my own. I promise they are so simple, and look so cute in any room you desire.

What you will need: Luckily, I found an old wooden ladder in our backyard that we were no longer were using. I took in the ladder, cleaned it off and placed it kitty cornered in the area of the living room I thought it would look best.

Then, figure out how far up the ladder you would like to cut off in order to make it manageable for blankets to be reached and used. I  waited for my fiance to get home from work, I marked off where I wanted the ladder shelf to be cut, and he cut it with our circular table saw. We took off three steps off the ladder.

Next, bring the ladder up to your desired location and BAM you are done my friend.

Literally two steps!!

The end result was great, and I love how it turned out!!! It is so rustic+I feel so Joanna Gaines proud of myself right now. Such an easy DIY project that I promise anyone can do!

Check out how this baby came out, like I said it is so doable for any living room, office, bedroom or even bathroom space!


ladder before.jpg
Living Room-sorry it looks so dark I should have turned on more lights!



Below, I found some other ladder shelves that I wanted to share with you! I really have found that incorporating a rustic style into you’re home adds such a cool and inviting element. Hope you gather some inspiration on this Monday AM!

Have a great week! I will chat with you soon:)



I’m Back!

Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year! So glad to announce that I am back and so excited to start the new year with you all:) Today I am going to share some of my favorite Christmas gifts that I received this year that I know you will love.                                       


Dyson Ball Multifloor Vaccum: I have never in my life had a vacuum as amazing as this one. For those of you looking for one that will literally make you’re carpet look like it is professionally cleaned this is what you need. It is very light weight, extremely maneuverable and just THE BEST. One of my favorite gifts+right now it is on sale!

Elsie Pottery Barn Dish Set: I am getting married in September so a lot of my family members began getting me items from my registry. I registered for this beautiful white and blue china at Pottery Barn. I love how it is so elegant, yet can really go with anything on a dining room table top


Paddywax Candles:

These candles are a must have for you’re home or apartment! They smell so refreshing and clean. I light one almost every day in my living room and kitchen. They come in small and larger sizes, and burn for quite some time.


Have a great evening:) Friday I will be posting some of my favorite home designs that I have seen in magazines recently.