Holy Demo!!!!

Hiiiii!! Well as if life isn’t already crazy I seemed to have made it even crazier. We started a full blown demo project kind of by accident in our house. My fiance is ready to kill me haha because this whole project was my idea. We intended to create the half bath downstairs into a full bathroom which sounded easy enough, until the contractors came and started tearing down the existing walls and plumbing etc.

The bathroom that we wanted to renovate was actually adjacent to the back room of our house which really was only functional in the summer because it did not have any heat plumed in at all.

So, fast forward two weeks later and the back room ended up being completely torn down and the contractors are starting from ground up. The way the room was built previously was not to code, and was not a livable year round room that we really wanted it to be.

For any of you that live in an older house (ours is from the 50’s) I am sure know whatever you envisioned the house project costing initially is going to double depending on what needs to be fixed.

I have some before and after pics below for you to take a look at. Don’t you just love the pink toilet and sink?! Who EVER thought that style looked good had to be a few martinis in ugh the pink makes me cringe every time I look at it.




Also, don’t you love the creepy window that is in this bathroom? Basically. the previous owners added an addition with the window still in tact..ughh talk about awkward..hahahIMG_5007IMG_5008


As you can see total hot mess but I cannot wait for you to see the after pictures:)

We will have a new bathroom, and family room to enjoy year round-tomorrow I am going to show you the theme and inspiration I am going to have in the family room as well as the bathroom!




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Hello! My name is Jordan and I live with my family in Massachusetts. I have an enormous amount of energy all the time, and an absolute passion for decorating and collecting different furniture pieces for our home. Nothing makes me happier than seeing Andy, Sofia and our dog Charlie enjoy being in our home.

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