It’s Tuesday so you know what that means-My current favs

Happy Tuesday everyone:) For those of you that celebrated Easter this past weekend I hope you all had a great holiday with friends and family! This was my first year ever hosting a holiday dinner so I went a little crazy with all of the prepping. For those of you that host dinner parties often you know how overwhelming it can be.

I have compiled a list below of my current must haves!


I love love the font on this mug I picked up at TJ Maxx. I think it was only like $8.00 or so on clearance? The fun phrases these mugs come in make me smile. I have one that says Sweetie, and MRS too. Here is the link to these if you have trouble finding them in stores. I am pretty much obsessed with my engagement ring too (Andy did a great job) so I figured why not get both of my favs in one pic.


This was our dog, Charlie on Easter-can you tell how pumped he looks in these Easter bunny ears I picked up at the family dollar store for him? I cannot stand his cuteness!

I picked this candle up at Bath & Body Works last week and boy was I happy I did-this baby literally smells like a fun weekend. It is not too perfumey of a smell at all it, it is such a refreshing scent that fills a room. They always have great sales on their three wick candles so keep an eye out for when the next one is!  I love Bath &Body Works candles because they seem to last a lot longer than Yankee or Kringle Candles.


Above is one of my favorite Easter spreads I had in the house on Easter Sunday. I love the combination of the spring tulips, and hyathis flowers! Anything purple os right up my alley, and the smell is divine. Now it just needs to get warmer in Boston for me to begin planting:)

I picked up this neat bark center piece at TJ Maxx and knew it would be a perfect addition to the spring look and feel of Easter I was going for.



Movie of the week

Recently, I went to see the new movie Leonardo Dicaprio won an Oscar for Revenant, boy was that BADASS. Such a great movie and I highly recommend seeing it if you haven’t already. It definitely is intense, but certainly not predictable at all. I am infamous for falling asleep in movie theaters and my eye balls were glues to the screen for this one.


I also cannot wait to see the new Finding Dory movie coming out:)

What movies have you seen recently?



These are a few of my favorite things:)

  1. I love adding different pieces you wouldn’t typically place within a space, so when I laid my eye on this ceramic frenchie I fell in love. He goes great on the cookbook’s and is fun.
  2. Cape Cod wine glasses you can never go wrong with. I really love stemless wine glasses too!  I got these at my favorite Chatham store (Mayflower
  3. When I got the Athleta catalog earlier this month and I planted my eyes on this maxi dress I knew I had to have it:) I tried it on, and it is so comfortableeee. I cannot wait to wear it this summer with some pretty gladiator sandals.
  4. I got this C shape table at Target a while back and I really like it because it works great in an area that is tight, but the other practicality about it is it still serves a purpose:)
  5. Who doesn’t love a pillow in their living room that says “Remember as far as everyone knows we are a nice normal family?” The great part about this pillow is my future Mother In Law has this on her couch at the Cape house. AHMAZING

What are your current favs?



Floating Shelves

I don’t know about you but floating shelves make me so happy inside. I love love everything about them. They add such a rustic look and feel to a space. I had my eye on one from Pottery Barn but it wasn’t quite long enough for the wall I wanted it on, and more importantly it wasn’t going to hold as many wine glasses as I wanted. So….I made my way over to and boy was I in for a treat:)

More recently, Etsy has been my go to for creative items I need around the house. I fell head over heels for this baby as soon as I laid my eyes on it. Can you tell I am channeling my inner Joanna Gaines?


I just ordered the shelf on the bottom in the English chestnut stain color option. As you can see it holds all different types of wine glasses. The seller of this is TheFarmhouseplace, and I cannot wait until we get it in. Another thing I love about floating shelves is the way they hang. They look so clean and simplistic. It is  a custom-made piece that we will get in about four weeks.

Please check out the stuff when you get a chance it won’t disappoint.


Look at the wood detail on these:) How great does that natural stain look? I love how you can add in a personal touch with decor as well. What is great about the floating shelves is that if you don’t have space for a huge hutch they are a wonderful alternative.


I die for rustic industrial floating shelves like these. I also found these on Etsy, and I am going to add them in our downstairs bathroom once it is remodeled. How practical and space-saving would this be for towels, toilet paper etc….

Have you bought any of these for your space recently?





Finished Basement Inspiration

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! A basement renovation is on the horizon for us, so today I wanted to put together some pictures of finished basements that have caught my eye. We don’t have a huge basement, one half is actually the garage but still a decent amount of space is remaining. I think it is important to have an extra space in your house for kids to play, and it really is another bonus living room to have.

1340-K-St-SE-Washington-DC-small-030-Finished-Basement-666x444-72dpiThis space is so open and airy, I love the light-colored palette that was chosen with the dark wood floors. The pouf’s in front of the couch add great bonus space when you have company over.

Awesome Basement Finishing Amp Design Finished Basement Company With Small Finished Basement Ideas
Awesome Basement Finishing Amp Design Finished Basement Company With Small Finished Basement Ideas – Www.EmocoesDouro.Com

If you have the space in your basement for an amazing bar like this I say why not? The wine fridge is really extravagant, and adds such a pretty and interesting element to the area. Having a beer and wine fridge in the same area is so practical and space-saving.

Tray Ceilings

I Loveeeee this! First of all tray ceilings are EVERYTHING, and they add so much character to a room. The paneling on the wall also is right up my alley:) The exposed stone is so different, and would be great to incorporate in a basement/playroom.

Hecht2014 013.2.888I think having stairs like the above are awesome, not only do they add a different touch to what a typical staircase looks like but they have tons of storage for toys, games, books ETC.

What are some finished basement renovation experiences you have had?


Tea makes me happy

Happy Wednesday everyone! I wanted to chat quickly about my current favorite drink of choice. GREEN TEA. All types of tea make me happy, and they are a great alternative especially because I noticed I was drinking a bit too much coffee at work as of late.

I have listed a few of my favorites below:

The Starbucks citrus green tea latte is unreal. If you haven’t yet tried it please do yourself a favor. I like it better hot, but they do have an iced version as well.


The second favorite of mine currently is Yogi Tea. You can never go wrong with Yogi. I like this brand because they have so many different flavors to choose from. It all depends on your mood. The two below really do make you feel so relaxed. Another tea worth sippin’ on daily.



These are a few of my favorite things

I decided that each Tuesday I will list current items that I am loving. To begin I have compiled a list of items around my house that I love. ENJOY!

BarThis is our bar area that is located in the dining room. The cool thing about this piece is that it is actually a dresser that my fiance, Andy and I redid last year. It came out great and it was my great grandmothers, so it adds a fun family heirloom to the space.I hung a neat mirror above to add a fun touch to the area. As you can see we haven’t restocked the wine from the last get together at our house hahah. That wine rack has been in the family for a while so I thought it fit well.I like to have a family framed picture in at least one room in the house and this one was too darn cute to not have displayed here.

The candle sitting on the right hand side is a Rewined candle in the scent Pinot Noir, which is only fitting for a bar. Can I just tell you it literally smells so amazing that you will want yourself lathered in it. For a candle it was on the pricier side, but TOTALLY worth it. I have it linked here to reference. You will NOT be dissapointed.

For those of you who live in New England, I picked my candle up in Chatham, MA this past weekend at my favorite store the Mayflower Shop. The owner is awesome, and she has the most beautiful furniture and cool gift ideas for friends and family. It looks like her website is being updated but I located the Trip Advisor link for you to reference if you are ever in the area.

I also have a bar tray displayed with some mason jars, and a neat jar full of lemons that sit along side some other fun decorative pieces.

**A lot of the fun items around my house are from TJ MAXX, Homegoods, and Marshalls**

I am asterisking this only because a majority of all the things in my house are found at those three locations:)

CharlesSay hello to our dog Charlie. He is a two year old Yorkie Terrier who was recently groomed and showing off his new due for the ladies;) Such a great dog and couldn’t be MORE loving!

Home Sweet HomeAndy got me this cute Massachusetts home sweet home sign for valentines day and it sits above our kitchen stove. I love the rustic look and feel to it, and because the kitchen really is the heart of the home I thought it was a perfect fit for it.

AwesomeI recently purchased this sign at TJ MAXX & it hangs above the bulletin board in the kitchen. Let me tell you on days like today where you really don’t want to go to work this sign surely will give you that extra pep in your step kind of momentum. I have an obsession with these black and white witty signs. They are funny and keep you on your toes.

ChairAnother TJ MAXX purchase (I know I know, but I warned you). This chair sits right next to our bar and it is a perfect spot for a guest to relax, and as you can see it is also perfect to place different holiday decor. Easter is right around the corner so I have an adorable bunny on the chair and her basket below. With St. Pattys day quickly approaching I need to get a Leprechaun to accompany her. I loveeeee the nail head look on this chair. It adds such great character and detail. The vase next to it gives a cool contemporary feel that mixes in well. I am a firm believer that not everything in your space has to match. Tying in cool, eclectic pieces really add a fun vibe to any space.

Easter BunniesSo, I am notorious for having my house decorated for each holiday. These few items look great on either a mantle or a kitchen island. They are simple, fun, and remind you of the holiday up ahead. Also, kids love them because they are interchangeable and can add a fun conversation to the family dinner table.

OrchidsI have two purple Orchids in our house and I AM OBSESSED. Not only is purple my favorite color, but they are just so calm and relaxing to look at. They remind me of a luxurious spa located on a tropical island. Also, for those of you that are hesitant to get one because of maintenance- let me be the first to tell you give these babies three ice cubes once a week, and some sunlight and they are happy as can be!

Rustic Soap HolderI love finding things at stores that can mix old with new. I picked this up at a flea market and knew I would find something to use it for. It just so happens that all of my soaps, lotions, and dish scrubbers fit inside. Not only is it practical but it is such a neat way to display soaps near your sink without leaving the space look cluttered. P.S. the toothbrush you see hanging out inside is for the dog haha not for anyone else in the fam.

Hope you enjoyed and leave a comment down below with some of your favorite household items I would LOVE to hear:)

Have a great day!



Hi Everyone!!


This feels so awesome to be able to blog and share with the world what I love to do. Don’t worry this blog won’t all be based around interior design. I know you see enough of that on HGTV.

On another note, I will be sure to fill this blog with any embarrassing stories and observations I come across in my day-to-day. Looking forward to connecting and I am so excited to begin typing away:)

Talk soon-daylight savings is kicking my butt!