New Year, a blank slate

Hi All!

I know everyone loves to start a new year with resolutions, but I feel like that word tends to put too much pressure on yourself so I am a big fan of New Year, NEW goals! Goal is a great comprimise because it lets you prepare yourself mentally to get you to the goal you have in mind. Some of the few I have in mind for the New Year are below, I think this is fun to do because writing it down keeps you accountable and motivates me even more to do it-here we go!

*Organize and get rid of clutter in our kitchen space as well as other spaces within our house. I don’t know about you but their really is nothing better to me than opening a cabinet that has organization and controlled chaos. Right now I am definitely in the market for buying more organizational storage bins, baskets, and even spice racks. YOU name it. I am a very organized person by nature BUT I think getting more bins for snacks, and clear glass jars for cooking essentials will only make my life easier in the kitchen. The great thing about the ones below are that you can grab these at Target, TJ MAXX, or even the container store. How mean can we all just take a moment to look at how pretty this looks??


*The boxes that food comes in can take up too much room (has anyone else noticed this?) and finding things on the fly can be challenging if you are in a rush. Another great thing about having clear bins is that kids are able to navigate their way through your kitchen in an easier manner too.

*Go through items you have lying on countertops, and even your dining room table. I feel like we are all so busy and places in our house especially the dining room table tend to be the hot spot for all of our clutter and paperwork. I am in the market for finding an organizational way to store all of our paperwork and bills without some of our surfaces looking like a hot mess.

*Who else is sick of walking into chaos in their basement? This girl is! This year my mission is to tackle our basement which could use various different organizational elements to help make it more manageable for the whole family. Below is such an easy and amazing way to keep all of your holiday decor, party supplies, kids toys etc. in one area. Clear bins with labels is such an easy way to make this happen too. Also, the metal shelving that these bins are on is not too pricey either.


*Another goal I have is to continue to create more me time for myself. This really is so important especially to promise yourself to do as you get older and life gets crazier. This can mean going to meet a girlfriend for drinks, getting a mani-pedi and also getting a workout in. I am usually such a go go go type person so sitting in one place for a while can be challenging, but so important. Reading is also one of my favorite things to do in my spare time especially the winter when it is unbearable in New England to go outside

I hope this also helps motivate you to tackle some of the projects you have been wanting to make happen around your house I can’t wait to share mine with you!

Have a wonderful rest of your week!


Gallery Wall Inspiration

Happy Monday!

Lately, I have been getting a ton of questions on how to create a gallery wall in your home and space, and what to put up on your walls? Great questions! I am here to help:)

The great thing about gallery walls is that you really can combine all of your favorite items into one space and their is no right or wrong way of what elements you choose to place on the wall. Some people choose all of the same types of frames for their photos-I on the other hand chose all different types of frame sizes and colors to add a different element to our wall space. Again, it really is totally up to what you prefer. Don’t think you are doing this wrong their really is no right or wrong way I promise.

One other item I will mention is that before you begin nailing in the frames into the wall map out the gallery wall on your floor before you place on the wall.                                                               Like this:


That way you can gauge the space you need in between each frame. I LOVE this idea below I found and I kinda wanna switch our gallery wall up by doing this….


Here are some other ideas that I love and think look great in a space, and it is also a great example of what it looks like to have all of the same color frames but with different dimensions on your wall. untitled.png


Here is a photo of a wall with the same color frames and dimensions:


This shows different elements of frames, and pieces that can be used.


Happy gallery wall hunting:)



Wedding PREP for all of YOU beautiful BRIDES to be

Hello gorgeous:)

This post was REALLY fun for me to write! First of all CONGRATULATIONS to all of you that just got engaged, and have been engaged:) SO EXCITING!

Before I begin I want you to take a DEEP breathe, because promise me when I tell you that everything will be JUST fine. I am going to begin this post with a laugh that you will enjoy. One of my bridesmaids looked at me recently and was like “Jordan you have literally been the calmest bride I thought for sure you were going to be a bridezilla.” hahah I laughed so hard, and I took that as a major compliment because the last thing I ever wanted to be is considered a crazy bride who loses sleep over planning.

Let’s face it we ALL have our different preferences, opinions, and styles when doing anything in life so I think when it comes to YOUR wedding day the most important thing to do is do what YOU love, and what makes YOU happy. If you can take one bit of my wedding day advice post that would be it.

What is going to make YOU smile at the end of your special day? What are the little details that will make you look back on your day and say “I am so happy I did that?” Remember your wedding is your day to shine, smile, laugh, and be around all of those special people in your life.


Family Opinions: Weddings can bring out opinions and thoughts from people in your family that you may not have even thought about. This is not a bad thing at all. I think you just need to keep in mind that with anything in life opinions will be thrown your way so taking each thought as more of a suggestion than an opinion will not only save your sanity, but whoever is giving you the idea will greatly appreciate the fact that you are at least listening to the idea they have.

Vendor Selection: I was very open to different vendors when selecting them for our wedding. Being a new bride the key for me was to ask other friends and family members who they used when they got married. Don’t be afraid to do that! I think it is just a lot easier to go off of someones opinion that has already had a first hand experience with a vendor you are interested in getting for day of the wedding. This way you know what you are getting and know what to expect. The also has great vendors to choose from as well if you are looking to expand your horizons on what vendor to work with.

Pinterest: Pinterest is great for wedding inspiration, themes you would like to follow, or different creative ideas. In my opinion I wouldn’t obsess over getting everything from Pinterest only because their are so many different options that you could go down a rabbit hole and find yourself coming out on the other end with 748377348 ideas and then begin feeling even more overwhelmed. I looked on Pinterest for a few ideas and then google imaged some others and other than that I kept things very simple. As soon as you start crafting several different items at once it can begin feeling overwhelming especially with all of the other wedding essentials that need to be complete.

Do something to keep you calm: Keeping calm during wedding planning is key because it does feel like a lot to take on at times especially if you are working full time and have life itself to take care of at the same time as planning. I suggest to keep going to that yoga class, boxing class, or even outings with friends because it will keep you grounded and it will be a great outlet for you to release any stress you are feeling during the process of planning. Your fiance will thank you too;)

Don’t sweat the small stuff: Remember at the end of the day and the wedding no one will remember the little things that you spent so much energy on worrying about. What they will remember is the food, the music, and the drinks. So if you are ever feeling down or defeated during the planning process just keep reminding yourself of that.

I am excited to hear if any of this advice helped you at all in your wedding planning processes! I hope you all have a great day:)


I get married one week away!


xx J

Ottomans in your space

Hello my friends:)

Last night while I was in our bedroom looking around I noticed our beige ottoman and I thought to myself I LOVE this thing AND I need to tell my followers all about it. I think ottomans look so great in any space. They really do add such a fun touch. They are also a great place to store different items you have.

The great thing about ottomans is that they can really go in any room within your space. Bathroom, bedroom, living room you name it. Ours is great in our bedroom because I put all of our decorative pillows on it at night while we are sleeping. The one in our bedroom I got at Homegoods, BUT you can really get them anywhere and they are not too expensive. They also can provide a great source of color for any room. If you had a neutral space and wanted to add a pop of color this would be a great way to do so.

To give you an idea of what they look in different spaces I have compiled a few photos below:


Several of the above are from both as well as they are very inexpensive and I think you would agree they are SO gorgeous! You can also get long and narrow ottomans that are great to go in back of your couch to separate any space.

Here is what that look and feel looks like to give you an idea:) I am telling you these babies do make a great DIFFERENCE!


I hope you all have an amazing Thursday:) I will chat with you later this week.

All the best!



How I turned into a Greenthumb


I hope everyone is having a great summer so far. The weather in New England has been just gorgeous! I wanted to chat today about my love for plants, and the green thumb I recently discovered within myself this year. Let me begin by saying I have killed my share of plants by accident, lets face it I think we all have, BUT for the past two years I have noticed how much I enjoy watering the plants around are house and watching them bloom. SO I wanted to share with you all some of my tips and tricks on having success when gardening, and keeping plants around your house alive. With that being said I AM NOT some plat expert by any means, but I have learned a few things along the way.

Planting, and watering different types of plants, for me is relaxing yet satisfying. To be able to see something continue to stay green and then one day bloom is so rewarding!!

Luckily, because Andy is as you know so handy and great with carpentry he offered to build me a potting table which I have wanted for quite some time now. This can I tell YOU I WAS SO excited for! It came out stunning, and it is so useful and helpful when I need to re pot a plant or create a new plant arrangement. YOU GUYS he built this is 2 days! TWO! SO lucky! I can’t wait to plant with Sofia when she gets home:)

**Whenever we build anything around the house, we google carpentry plans online, and the great thing about the web today is everything is so easy to navigate through the plans they give are very descriptive and they show step by step how to create and build what you want in your own space:)**

DSCN0001 (1)

{Planting is s all about consistency, and learning what type of plants flourish in your yard + home}





Pictured above our the window boxes I chatted about earlier this summer, that I stained red-they turned out great and I am so happy with the IVY it looks so good against our house.

Below are some of the tips I have lived by when it comes to keeping plants alive around our home:

WATER, WATER, WATER: The key to success in allowing any plant to live long is water. I usually water all my outdoor plants twice a day. Once in the morning, and once in the evening. I have read that watering your plants in the morning is very effective because they are saturated all day long. With that being said I think it is also important to figure out a schedule that works best for you and your family when it comes to watering plants.

TRIM: Any plant indoor or outdoor needs to be trimmed every once in a while. What do I mean by that? Lots of plants over time become overgrown, or the leaves can die, so all you have to do is clip them off with scissors, so a new leaf can grow in it’s place. You will know when a plant has a leaf that needs to be removed because it will no longer have a green pigment to it. If you do this every so often then the plants will live longer and will end up growing larger. It is a minor bit of maintenance, but nothing too crazy!

Plant Nutrients:  This is very simple, and I know it may sound complicated BUT it really isn’t. Any Home Depot, or gardening depot near you should have potting soil that comes with plant food/fertilizer within. This takes a lot of the pressure off of you in terms of making sure all the plants you have are getting all of the nutrients they need. I know it sounds nuts BUT plants are living things too so they need all of the love and help they can get!

Figuring out what type of yard you have for planting + sunlight: Whenever you buy a plant at a gardening center or even a Home Depot they come with a small tag that identifies that type of light, when the plant blooms, as well as how much water the plant will need. I suggest you take a look at all of these type of details before buying plants for your space. That way you know what maintenance you are working with and whether or not they will survive in the direct sun ETC.

How to plant: This was one of the hardest parts of learning to plant believe it or not. When you are planting different plants or shrubs you need to make sure the depth of the hole you dig is large enough for the plant to fit inside. The label that each plant comes with will tell you the depth of how large the hole it needs to go into should be.

Some of my GO TO plants to have around our home are: Orchids, Christmas Cactus, ferns, and bamboo. I want a fig leaf tree and a lemon tree so bad! Both are on my list as plants I would love to have around the house.


I hope this post helps any of you who are hesitant to get into a little planting on your own, or helps answer any questions you have on what to do around your home with different types of plants! Have a great day!




All Things Chatham, Cape Cod

Happy Friday!

I hope you all had a great fourth of July! We were at the Cape for part of the week, and it was gorgeous.

Today, I am sharing with you all things Chatham, Cape Cod. I have been going to the Cape for four summers now so in my travels over the years I have been to a lot of the great restaurants, shops, and done a lot of the fun activities that are around to do. Not to mention the views of the ocean, the stunning colorful hydrangeas, and the smell of the ocean always lingering around you.

Just to give you an idea of the pretty sights and sounds:) Can you handle the amount of character on each of these houses below?

house in chatham    house number 2

Let’s begin with where to stay when you are on the Cape. Luckily, my future in-laws have a home about 10 mins from the center of Chatham so it is very close to all of the main attractions, and restaurants. For those of you looking for somewhere to stay their are so many options. I do suggest you book well in advance if you are looking to stay for a week plus, only because rooms and vacancies book very quick.

Below, are a list of places to stay while you are visiting. The great thing about Chatham and East Harwich is that they are both located mid Cape, so the beaches are great and the food is delicious.

  • Chatham Motel ($Inexpensive, and centralized location)
  • Pleasant Bay Village ($$Mid Range)
  • Captain’s House Inn ($$$Mid Range)
  • Chatham Bars Inn ($$$$Pricier side)

Let’s move on to my personal favorites eating/drinking & shopping. I compiled a list of some of the stores I like to frequent each time I visit. Some of my personal favorites I have starred for you. All of them truly are worth checking out. The great thing about Cape Cod is it has such quaint charm, timeless beauty, and character.


Impudent Oyster: This restaurant is great, the food is delicious and the menu selection has quite the variety. The neat thing about this restaurant is it was a former church! The menu is on the higher side, but I promise it is worth every bite.

Chatham Squire: If you are looking for a fun bar to hang out with friends, this is the place to be. From the different license plates on the ceiling, and walls, to the game room they have toward the back this is the place for you. They have a full menu and they also have a bar side as well as a restaurant side to choose from, this surely is where all of the local Chatham peeps hang:)

Blue Fins Sushi & Sake Bar: Sushi is great here and so is the atmosphere. They also, have a great drink selection to choose from!

Chatham Raw Bar (Bistro on Main): Andy and I LOVE it here! From the amazing wait staff, to the to DIE for oysters you have to check it out here. The oysters they have are so fresh, and they get them fresh each day locally. They have a wide variety of seafood, and other selections to choose from on the menu. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Captains Table: This restaurant is so yummy. It is small and quaint with an outdoor patio, but the food is so darn good. They have awesome sandwiches, and I am obsessed with the tuna melt:)

Buffy’s Icecream: Amazing ice cream & smoothies for all! Also, the door is painted hot pink so you can’t miss it.

Chatham Bars Inn: Want a stunning view of the ocean paired with a delicious cocktail and a yummy bite to eat? THIS is the place to be my friends! Stunning views of the ocean, in a gorgeous setting.

Shopping: Plenty of parking, and pictured upper right is tourist center to get information for what to do in town.

open sign parking.jpg

flowerboxes  fatface                                           (This is Fatface, the UK clothing store, really cute things for both men & women)

Below are a few of the coffee shops, and stores I LOVE going to while I am on the Cape:

Mayflower Shop, Soft as a Grape, Mahi Gold, Jack Wills, Fatface, Mahigold, Chatham Candy Manor, Chatham Clothing Bar, Jackies, Bella of Cape Cod Monomoy Coffee.


I hope you all enjoyed this blog as much as I did writing it! Cape Cod is truly a beauty and whether you are going for a day trip or a week I promise it will not dissapoint!

Have a blast this weekend, summer in the sun is the best time of year!




I cannot believe I have been MIA for over a month. Today is already my birthday! I know we all say this but really where does THE time go?! It is absolutely crazy how fast life flies by, I especially have recognized this more and more as I have gotten older.

I won’t lie 27 flewww it REALLY FLEW! I mean I was in South Carolina last year at this time with my whole family and it seems as if we were all still there! I really enjoyed 27. I learned a lot about myself and EVEN more about how to be a better bonus mama to Sofia. I became even more aware of who I am as a person, such as what I excel in and even what I can begin to work on more.meeeeeeeeeeeeI have lived in Boston for FOUR years this January! One of the best decisions I have made in my life was leaving my small hometown in Connecticut to come here and begin a new chapter of life. I continue to grow so much as a person, and with each passing year I learn more and more. I think it is so important to step out of your comfort zone and scare yourself in life. If you don’t scare yourself in my opinion then your dreams aren’t big enough.

Reflecting back on this year has me really feeling so grateful! This year I began blogging more and opening up our our home to you all! Also, I changed the entire look and feel to my Instagram account. BEST decision I EVER made. Not only did I change the look and feel of my instagram, BUT i happily discovered even more so of what a handy future HUB I have. I mean you guys he made us a farm table, a fence, and now he is on to a potting table. Who would have thought how amazing of a carpenter he is. #solucky.

That brings me to my next thought. I truly think following your gut, and listening to your intuition about things that mean the most to you is so important. I have always been a positive, happy person and being able to be on apart of a platform that can continually pass this along to all of you is so amazing:) SO THANK YOU, THANK YOU ALL for the messages, LOVE, support, and humor it truly means more than you will ever know. Remember, you get back what you give. I promise!

Another few highlights in my personal life that I am proud of is MY COOKING improvements. I know some of you are probably laughing, BUT I have made some great milestones in the kitchen. Baby steps, BUT I can happily say I can cook five different meals for my family without burning the house down. YAYY!!!

THE gym always has been and always will be my instant stress reliever, and thank GOD I finally found a great trainer to help me along the way. I have never felt so in shape in my life. PROTEIN + STAIRMASTER I tell ya…my new BFFS. YOU CAN DO IT!

I am so excited to begin 28, I mean you I AM GETTING MARRIED! I know I am only 28, but I feel like an old soul deep within, and I am finally accepting that. Nothing wrong with the fact that I can’t take shots, or mix drinks anymore:) I am so excited to see what Sofia continues to do academically, and personally. She is my number one and I couldn’t be more proud to be her bonus Mom.

LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you for letting me be me all the time.

Can’t wait to continue this adventure with you all–xx



How to style your front entryway!

Hello Friends:)

Today, I wanted to share with you some creative ways to style the front entry of your home. To me the entryway is so important, not only because it is the first impression of your home, but it is also where you keep all of your home essentials (Coats, rain boots, umbrellas, purses, and even yoga mats.) With that being said, some of us may live in homes similar to mine that is older (Circa 1950) so you don’t have a huge area for your essentials.

I am going to guide you through our front entryway, and then show you what endless options you have if you have an entryway that is on the larger side.

Below, you will see one view of our front entry, Charlie likes to be in ALMOST everyone of these pictures as you can see haha. I picked up this great coat hanger a few years ago when I lived in Connecticut at Marshall’s. This coat hanger is so great because it has cute labels for each hook. This is a great idea for those of you that have children in the house, or even have guests that come over frequently. I also love the wood that these hooks are on, because it goes with anything. You can get coat hangers like this really anywhere, and they are so useful to have right by your main entryway so everything is located in one spot. I also wanted to note the rug below. I got this at Target literally three years ago and it has held up ever since. I think it is so important to get a rug that will hide foot traffic wear and tare and this one surely has done that in more ways than one!



(Sorry the lighting is funky in this one, still trying to figure out the best way to capture natural morning sunlight.)

Moving on down to where all of the shoes, and extra necessities are stored. I purchased this circular basket initially for recycling items when we lived somewhere else a few years ago, and now it has been transformed into our shoe basket for everyone in the house. This is a great idea because the shoes are organized and put away, but still visible enough to see what you are grabbing when you are in a hurry. I keep my yoga mat here, and our rain boots as well. I got a tray to put the shoes on too so none of the dirt or other outside things make their way inside. I promise this tray is key! Also, you can buy these anywhere. I think I even got ours at Target or the Family Dollar store:) No ONE has to know. hahah


This Key holder is amazing! This lives on the opposite side of the front door, and I am so happy I got this. I put my car key ring on one, Sofy puts her key on another, and Andy also uses it for his work badge and key. AND my future hub is notorious for losing things (we still love him though.) SO, I thought having this right near the door would make both his life as well as mine easier so no one is late to work, or running around frantically trying to find what they need when it is crunch time. You can get something like this anywhere really. Amazon, Target, Homegoods….I am sure Hobby Lobby has some as well.


This little basket sits right under the key holder, and in this I have some of our winter necessities including hats and gloves. We also have a coat closet behind this basket, but this is just a quick grab and go for Sofia when she goes to school, or anyone else that may need a winter hat quickly! I got this basket at TJMAXX, and it was under $10.00!

Here are some other options for you to choose from when you are working with a smaller entryway space:

modern-entryway-ideas-interior-design-9              abfd90cca0fe8847b294d42c5d2b3c14

I don’t know about you, BUT I love the flowers coming out of these rain boots, so adorable AND that SHIPLAP, and over head pendant!! AHHHH:)

I saved the best for last my friends-take a look at the endless possibilities below on what you can do with a large front entryway!

Having these built in units in any home would be a dream:) Not only are they gorgeous, but they also act as great furniture pieces within a home, they add so much more character AND they are amazing space savers.


This one I love the idea of because each child gets a backpack hook and basket:)


I hope this will help you navigate your front entryway! Have a wonderful day!



Warm weather is here in New England! Outfit selections to wear for each occasion:)


I am so excited that we have this amazing warm weather here in New England! It’s about time! I wanted to compile a list of different outfit ideas to wear depending on what type of event you are going to this spring and summer especially because bridal showers and wedding season is here!

This navy blue and white jumper I got from Illa Illa USA, but I actually picked it up last summer so I am not sure if they still have it. Worth a try though:) Check them out!

This site has great party dresses as well as casual attire!

It is so so comfortable, and great for a night out to dinner, or even a barbecue or date night cocktails outside!

Jumpers are a great way to take a day outfit right into an evening outfit! Also, they are so comfortable! I paired this outfit with a hat I got from Target, and some very simple and dainty white bangles I have had forever. I think I got them at a consignment shop actually. The gladiator sandals I am wearing are from Steve Madden and they are SO comfortable. Another TJ Maxx score! As mentioned in my recent post this hat is from Target! They have SOO many others just like this at the store as well.

Here are some other picks for any summer occasion that you can dress up from day to night:) All of the below picks of mine are from Nordstrom Rack! I linked all of the items for you to reference as well!

Beginning with a more formal white and black dress both are PERFECT for a cocktail party or a bridal shower for all of you soon to be brides!


White dress

Little black dress

Now, on to a more casual yet dressy look and feel. A LOT of these dresses are by the LOVE….Ady brand:) Not to mention they are extremely inexpensive.

Blue Halter Dress

Choker Dress here



Lace popover dress


Everyone needs a floral print in their life

Wrapping up my must haves with my favorite type of dress…a casual style of course!





I would wear this everyday if I could in the summer

I hope all of these dresses can help you navigate through what to wear for all of the fun events you have planned for this spring and summer:)

Have a great day!



Maximizing smaller spaces within your home!

Happy Monday:)

I have been getting a lot of questions lately on how to make the most out of a smaller space in your home! Last year, we updated and remodeled one of the rooms in our home, and it is on the smaller side BUT it is now one of my favorite rooms in the house! It is a smaller family room. Sofia and I call it the “girls room.” I am so excited to fill you in on some of the tips and tricks I picked up along the way when I began decorating this room.

When you are decorating a smaller space, think light and bright. You don’t want to get to carried away with darker colors when you are working with a smaller room because it will make the space feel a lot smaller and closed in when in reality you want it to look and feel larger. Make sense?

As you will see in the pictures below, I incorporated pops of color throughout the space because the walls remained white which really looks great when all of the natural sunlight is shining through:) Cactus plants, along with succulents or any greenery you enjoy is a great accessory to add to any space.

tray                           55


2               meeeee


sicccysss                           njdsnjfnsj

blueeeeeeeee                                       crates

I recently did an instastory on the pillow covers I got from Amazon. I HIGHLY recommend purchasing some as well if you don’t want to go out and buy all new pillows for your space + you don’t break the bank! I do have quite the pillow obsession, so if pillows are not your thing, then disregard. I will say I think decorative pillows make any space look SO much brighter, and they also add fun character as well.

For the window treatments shown above I purchased four panels of white blackout curtain shades at TJMAXX, and then added two sheer panels in between the blackout shades as you see above. Yes, are both the walls, and the curtains white? That is totally fine. The trim in this room was painted a darker blue shade (Thanks Dad, best painter around-seriously though, that man can cut in when he is painting like NOBODY’s BIZ.)  Anyway it was painted a darker color to add a contrast of color against the white walls, and curtains.

Adding fun twinkly lights to this space I thought suited it well, and that is totally up to your preference. They look really great at night too! Sometimes I will watch TV in this room and just have the fun lantern lights on without the recess lighting. When decorating your space, add items that make you happy when you look at them. What means the most to you? A room does not need to have a theme, you can certainly mix old with new (my FAVORITE thing to do.) In this room I wanted to showcase some special items that we had throughout the house that meant a lot to Andy. Andy was in the Airforce, so I wanted an area to put up a lot of his awards, and special paintings that he has earned over the years. My future hub is one of the most humble people you will ever meet. I knew that if I didn’t showcase these great things he may not, so I can proudly boast for him! I guarantee you that around your house you have similar items that mean a lot to you. So, don’t hold back. SHOWCASE them;)

The best way to navigate a new space in your home that you would like to change or maximize is to ask yourself what you will be using the room for? Is it an office? Is it a play room? What do you need to make your life easier and more functional?Figuring out that first question is the hardest part. Once you have that figured out I promise from that point on you will have a much clearer understanding of what to buy when decorating as well as who you think will use the space.

I hope the pictures I included, and some of the advice I have help you in your space going forward. Stay true to who you are as a person in how YOU want to decorate, and share your space with others. What touches will make YOU happy each day when you wake up? 🙂

Have a beautiful week!